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Fort 4 Autism is a non-profit organization with the goal of advocating for and supporting families affected by autism in the Fort Wayne area.


Dorene J. Philpot

Dorene Philpot is an attorney who represents children with special needs and their parents in Indiana and Texas. Often this means going to a due process hearing in order to force the schools to comply with the federal and state protections afforded children with special needs.
Parents frequently do not know what their children's rights are in terms of the education and services offered by the schools, and they frequently feel intimidated by school staffs during case conference committee meetings and feel that they have little input into the child's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).
These problems can have serious impact and their children's progress can be hampered by that lack of knowledge.
"What we have is what you get" is NOT what the federal and state laws provide.
The schools are required, by law, to devise an INDIVIDUALIZED education program for a child, based on that child's individual needs (not on the school's staffing or budget problems) that is reasonably calculated to confer MEANINGFUL educational benefit.
Anything less than that doesn't comply with the law, and is actionable through a due process proceeding. A child's right to due process can be violated either procedurally or substantively -- sometimes it's both.

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Sherry A. Hazler

Among many specialties, one of areas of practice for Sherry is special education. Sherry went to undergrad and law school in the state, so she is a true hoosier.

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